A Satire of Sorts: The Great Finale! Taken From ‘Return of the Jedi’

Written By Thomas Perez. February 2, 2012 at 8:30PM.

A  long time ago in a ’Uni’ Church far, far, away


Episode: The Ages, Upon Ages

The Return of the ‘Uni’

Thomas Perez, has returned to his home planet called ‘Uni-Ville’ to rescue his confused comrades from the vile clutches of the evil lord and now gangster, John Haggie the Hutt.

Little does Thomas know that the evil galactic Fundamentalists have begun construction on a new creed called, ‘The Accept or Burn Doctrine.’ Even more powerful than the dreaded first paganistic doctrine of Hell.

But little does the evil galactic Fundamentalist know, the Lord Jesus Christ, Creator of everything; has and will begin to intercede on the behalf of all men everywhere, be it good or evil. This intercession will in no doubt spell certain doom concerning the doctrines of those who will shut the Kingdom of Heaven against men.

Fade out….

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