The Liberartion of Conscience

Written By Thomas Perez. December 6, 2011 at 3:38AM.

The circle is now complete. And the question at this time is: what are the aims of the opposition and its leaders?

It is a fight for an idea – and in the forefront stands a fundamental principle: Men do not exist for the Church, the Church exists for men. First and far above all else stands the idea of the people: the Church is a form of organization of the people, and the meaning and the purpose of the Church are through this form of organization to assure the life of the people. And from this there arises a new mode of thought and thus necessarily a new religious ideology.

We say: a new mode of thought. Today our whole official religious outlook is rooted in the view that the Church must be maintained because the Church in itself is the essential thing; WE, on the other hand, maintain that the Church in its form has a definite purpose to fulfill and the moment that it fails to fulfill its purpose, the form stands condemned. Above everything, stands the purpose to maintain the believers life – LOVE, that is the essential thing and one should not speak of a law for the protection of the Church but for the protection of the believer: it is of this protection that one must think.

In the place of this rigid formal organization – the true Church – must be sent the living organism – the people, the true believer & unbeliever alike, for all are invited. Only then all action is given a new untrammeled freedom: all the formal fetters which can today be imposed upon men become immoral; directly they fail to maintain the people, because that is the highest purpose in life and the aim of all reasonable thought and action.

If today our action employs among its different weapons that of revelation, that is not to say that creedial parties exist only for creedial ends. For US creedial ideologies is not an end in itself, but merely a means to an end…we are not on principle, a creedial sect – that would be a contradiction of our whole outlook – WE ARE A REVOLUTIONARY SECT BY COMPULSION, UNDER CONSTRAINT, AND THAT COMPULSION IS THE CONSCIENCE. The Conscience compels us to use this means. It does not compel us to wish for a particular goal, it only prescribes a way – a method, and, I repeat, we follow this way legally, in accordance with the conscience – laid down through the Scriptures, we advance towards the purposes which we have set before us.

Never can RELIGIOUS CREEDS determine for all time the content of a purpose, especially when this content is not identical with the vital CONSCIENCE of the people. Creeds are good in & of itself, for it provides an individual with identity –  a sort of nationalism. But, if today the Conscience admits for its protection laws which are headed, ‘Laws for the Protection of the Believers,’ then it is demonstrated that the most to which our present Conscience can prescribe is nothing more but the protection and the maintenance of a form, and that in & of itself does not touch the maintenance of a people or individual.

The liberation purpose is therefore free: this is the goal which WE proclaim and to which WE shall attain.


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