Covid 19: No Worse Than the Average Flu?

Written By Thomas Perez. March 30, 2020.

The article appearing in the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ was written 4 day ago on the 26 of March by Dr. Fauci. This is not a new non-resistant virus. Wake up “sheeple!” If it were, people of all ages would be prone to it, including children of all ages. They are planning something. This is an operation of some sort, for reasons that you and I can only speculate. But I’ve already given my reasons prior to this post. Get ready for the vaccinations and the digital chip via such vaccinations. I already posted articles on this. They want our children. They want to chip them. You see, we would give them a hard time because most of us question the flu shot. Like me, I haven’t had a flu shoot in over 15 years; and I am fine. The link to the actual article is located below the pictures.

Let us also remember another similar so-called pandemic: The Swine Flu. Same old story, different year. Go ahead, “sheeple,” line-up for the big C19 hoax vaccine when they allegedly discover it.