ID2020, The Digital Dollar Cashless Society and Microchipping Via Vaccinations?

Written By Thomas Perez. April 8, 2020.

If you follow the narrative, according to the BBC, they are using this epidemic, which is obviously blown out of proportion, to vaccinate 60% of the worlds population eventually and insert the ID2020 chip via such methods. Simply Google the term. Economist expert Mike Maloney explains this – he calls it a recipe for disaster. While Forbes and many other articles verifies the agenda, often using the term and phrase, “We can never overcome Covid 19 unless this is also implemented and made mandatory.” The global ID chip will become a reality. A cashless society. I never thought they would use a fake blown out of proportion of a health crisis to achieve this. Google “ID2020.” You will find many pages on it. It is a digital ID implant via vaccines. They really want to do this. And to think, I always thought it was going to be through the RFID chip that many Christians are against – for obvious Biblical reasons. I suppose most sensible religious folks are against this too.

The following quote from Rockefeller is apparently true. I’ve known about it for quite some time. It has not been debunked. However, there is only one site that claims it to be false, but it gives no reason as to why. All it says is that it is a “False Quote.” Every other site claims it to be a valid quotation.

Below is a series of links in reference to this agenda.

Nanochips And Smart Dust ā€“ Dangerous New Face Of Human Microchipping Agenda

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