Mandatory Vaccinations, Microchipping, Censorship, Tyranny and Mind control

Written By Thomas Perez. Various Dates From March to June, 2020.


This is indeed chilling! This is insane! They have been proposing this (a virus of some sort) to manipulate religious/spiritual people in the brain. This is nothing new. They have been trying to do these things since WW2 and post, but found imperfections in those days. Sorry, but I have an individual called “The Holy Spirit” inside me. Mind tricks do not work on me.

One must be prayed up to defeat this type of manipulation. The following two pictures, and article, proves the validity of energetic brain activity when in prayer or meditation.

All of this is being spearheaded by Bill Gates: A man with no credentials, and no degrees, can speak and influence organizations and governments directly and indirectly about population control – as in depopulation, vaccinations and the climate change hoax.

There is an old saying, “Money talks and BS walks.” Obviously his acquisition of money has given him a platform, even to the point of govenmental influence. Who in blazes does this guy think he is, anyway? He is a computer programer. He can not even stop a Windows virus. Yet he’s an apparent “Know It All” when it comes to my own health, vaccines, diseases, food, climate and population control – as in depopulation. I mean, where is his degree? Oh my bad; its Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, Grant, and Franklin.

Here is a 57 second video: I suppose I’m making this up too, huh? Yes, I know “sheeple,” calm down. I know its not the whole video. But sorry, I am way ahead of you on that excuse. See the whole video at the bottom. You can not deny what he is conveying. Typical liberal agenda.

This is the whole unedited video. I actually watched the whole video unedited. Reducing the population through vaccinations is exactly what he meant. There is no misinterpretation here.

If you follow the narrative, they are using this epidemic, which is obviously blown out of proportion, to vaccinate 60% of the worlds population eventually (the BBC) and insert the ID2020 chip via such methods. Simply Google the term. Economist expert Mike Maloney explains this – he calls it a recipe for disaster. While Forbes and many other articles verifies this agenda, often using the term and phrase, “We can never overcome Covid 19 unless this is also implemented and made mandatory.” The global ID chip will become a reality. A cashless society. Never thought they would use a fake blown out of proportion of a health crisis to achieve this.

Lady Gaga? Give me break!

The following video is a wake up call to all who love freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

But unfortunately, many have already implanted these chips into their bodies.

Yes, the “Sheeple” are lining up! I wonder if this particular sheep asked if it had a tiny microchip, that can fit on top of a pin, inside it? Nah, I suppose not. He’s gagged. Moreover, he submitted himself to a trial? That sheep deserves what’s coming to him. The following link details the first trial runs for Covid 19 in reference to a vaccination.

This article (a reliable source) says they will need to vaccinate the world’s population by 60% in order to defeat this properly. Sixty percent! Research “ID2020,” and “Vaccinations ID2020” also. The world’s chip – monetary system, will be inside as I have posted before from various reliable articles. Call it what you will; The Beast System (the Biblical Book of Revelation), the NWO, the Deep State or all three. I don’t care. But this exercise is going no where. Other sources say this may last for a year or so as people are vaccinated.

Tyrannical Orders and Censorship

The plandemic, I mean the scamdemic, I mean the so-called “pandemic” is a hoax. And now you also know why I actually went and did my own hospital video recordings on April 4th & 7th – no freezer trucks, bodies or bodies bags, and no war zones were found. Plus, the numbers are inflated too. My job is still telling me to code patients that have died as C19, when I can plainly see that the causes of death are from other aliments, pre-existing conditions, and natural caurses. I haven’t done so, because I have a conscience. I code it as I see it.

Examples of censorship from YouTube and my Facebook page.

False? Are you kidding me? I love the excuses Politico and USA Today gives. I love how they try to wiggle around the fact that wearing a mask simply doesn’t work. They are designed for inside sterile facilities. Not the outside. However, the liberal minded left wing idiots at Fake-Book says its false. But the box says what it says.

Hey, Fake-Book, I suppose this is false information too, huh? Disgusting! Very unsanitary!

The tyranny continues! They are perfectly willing to arrest people who are actually alone outside, and/or who are going by the rules, but yet they are willing to set criminal prisoners free in order to contain the hoax virus, like in NY. Ya just can’t make this stuff up!

Give me a break! How the Hell is this even a rule? Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s always a troll in tin foil hat to say something. You say its to stop bicyclists from gathering? What makes you think that people wouldn’t gather just the same in the park? Pure nonsense.

Now remember “Sheeple,” it spreads in churches; even if the worshippers are safe in their cars during a drive through service, but it does not spread at a Walmart, Lowe’s or a Target. The only folks that they consider worthy are essential workers. Now where have I heard that phrase before? Oh yes, it was 80 decades ago.

So what else is new in the “New Norm?” The day will come when we are not allowed to post anything that goes against mainstream narratives on social channels. I suggest you save anything you’ve learned. If its from an article; save it. If its a YouTube video, download it and keep it.

But moving right along…

Well, well, well, look who’s there; Mr. Elon Musk – Mr. “I am in cahoots with NASA.” And of course Billy “Boy” Gates.

But hey, I am not the only one that feels like this concerning this whole scenario. Tucker tears the media up concerning their coverage of the so-called “pandemic.”

Yes, a “parallel” tyranny is what it is. Anybody that doesn’t see the similarities is quite frankly an idiot with their heads stuck in the sand or up their arse’s!

Also look up ID2020 via vaccinations and so forth, along with the new digital cashless currency. It is exactly what I have been saying. You don’t trust me? Well, just ask economist Mike Maloney when it comes to the cashless chip/ID. This “Plandemic” is pushing alot of agendas forward.

Sure go ahead “sheeple,” line up like a herd of guinea pigs. They will in all likelihood mandate our children first. They also said on numerous occasions that in order to go back to “normal” they will push for a mandatory vaccine? Well, bingo!

A Washington Times article insinuates that in order to go back to “normal” they will push for a mandatory vaccine.

Yes, and the NWO, I mean, the Deep State, I mean, the “New Norm” just keeps on ticking.

Closing Thoughts

Roses are red, free thinkers are few, if you keep obeying orders you’ll have a chip inserted in you.