Quarantines, Curfews and the Military?

Written By Thomas Perez. March 16, 2020.

Really, the reports are fake? Says the government that’s telling folks to keep their children home, closing our pubic schools – actually that’s a good thing, considering the liberal garbage being thought to our children. Telling us to “work at home,” do “take out,” restricting flights, closing theaters, movie complexes, shutting down major sports leagues and recreational activities, like Chelsea Piers in New York, and others. What’s next, the national Guard? Oh my bad, some states are doing that already; like Texas. So what would you call it? And that my dear sheeple is how they herd you beyond your control.

Facts: SARS, COVID 19, and MERS all come from the same family “Corona.” The media makes it seem like a whole new deadly strain. This one, in terms of potency, is below SARS but above MERS. But yet the media claims it has surpassed SARS. As of Mar 11, over 124,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported worldwide, with over 4,500 deaths. In the United States there have been more than 1,100 cases of COVID-19 with 30 deaths. They are telling us that we’re not quarantined. Sure, I believe them.

They’re just quarantining/closing schools, ships, theaters, movie houses, restricting flights, suspending major sports leagues and recreational activities, telling us to stay home and work, and calling out the National Guard; like Texas did, and calling for additional vaccines. Lets see now, they are 150 vaccines today, this one (if they so-call find a prevention) will make it 151. I wonder when the next pandemic excuse will come. This one is working pretty good in terms of mental conditioning. Martial law would be established for the next crisis; or at least stricter surveillance – after all, we are sheeple – the sales in toilet paper proves this to be the case. When this is accomplished get ready for a possibly cashless society, after all, cash and coins do carry germs. It is complete control through computer technologies. And that is how the herding begins, by taking your control away. As for me, I will know when to say; “Stop,” and “No.”

So now there’s a curfew in New Jersey? New York is probably next. The National Guard was called upon in 6 states. Tell me how this is not quarantining us, especially in light of all that I shared prior in this category. Now, “sheeple” listen carefully, when this has come and gone, and after we have been conditioned mentally to respond like good “sheeple,” of which we have no control over, that is when they will induce the next, and more servere pandemic and blow that too out of proportion, creating a false flag; hence justifying marshal law and/or elevated surveillances. After that, the push will come for a cashless society; because after all, paper cash and coins do have germs.

A quote from a friend who quoted Helm: “How many of you remember Jade Helm in 2015? A military force fights people, not viruses.”