The Eyes of Darkness 1981

Written By Thomas Perez. March 18, 2020.

I am not a conspiratorial person; I simply follow narratives. They are pushing for it. Didn’t think I would see it in my lifetime. I hope I don’t.

And like I said, “It will come and vanish as quickly as it came.” This was nothing “sheeple” compared to the next so-called fake pandemic. “I cannot predict when the next surge will be, if it will be, but one of the things that we do at the VA is that we prepare for national emergencies, be it natural disasters or epidemics.” Secretary Wilkie.

This is a real book. The 4th picture is from Wiki. That is why I am the way that I am. Look at the date of the publication in the 4th picture. Look at the name in the 3rd picture. The Doctor who tried to warn us died (his first name was Li) and the name Chen is the first name of the young man who proclaimed it by video.