Covid Contradictons?

Written By Thomas Perez. August 11, 2020.

Facebook has been recently flagging me and suspending my account, putting me in “Facebook jail,” this time it was for 30 days. After my 30 days expired this is what I posted on my account.

Quote: “I highlighted the important paragraphs. Look at what is said carefully. If C19 is not as bad, or worse than SARS or MERS, as reported in 2020, then why aren’t they providing chloroquine as a means to fight this particular strain as reported in 2005 when they were fighting the MORE serious SARS or MERS infection? But yet, with all that is written in their own journals and documents, they are STILL maintaining that there are no antiviral drugs for C19. This is simply weird, odd, and down right strange. Rather than keeping the world hostage, simply provide the drug as a means of deterrent to inhibit the infection and spread like you all said about the more servere infection; SARS and MERS on YOUR own page: Page 1 – Pic 5, Page 2 – Pic 6 – and Page 9 – Pic 7 to be exact, etc. Do it until you find your so-called “illusive” vaccine.” Unquote.