Covid 19: A Countdown to Draconianism and Orwellianism?

Written By Thomas Perez. January 23, 2021 at 12:23AM.

And some of you still think this is not a hoax? You still think this is about saving lives? Richard A. Rothchild, an inventor? C’mon man. This whole thing is a total scam.

Moreover, New York wants to SEND cases, contacts, and carriers to detention camp facilities if a new Bill is approved. The BILL is A416. This makes George Orwell’s book “1984” look tame. Read the Bill proposal. Like I said a 100x’s before; “This plandemic/scamdemic is a drill for something sinister/elitist.” Still think I am a conspiracy theorist, huh? I hope I am dead wrong. But with the various so-called “new strains” popping up, there’s no telling what government mandates are capable of doing. They also want Vaccination ID’s, but yet they veto voter ID requirements. You can’t make this stuff up.

Realizing this, the following is not far from the realm of possibilities.

All of this was spear headed by various patents since 1999.

The latest patent is manufactured from Pfizer.

Show me the logic: If effective treatments and therapeutics are available, please tell me why these specific treatment plans aren’t available to everyone that needs it? The treatments that I am speaking of is hydroxychloroquine and the other two from Regeneron called; casirivimab and imdevimab. Why aren’t they readily available to the general public? Why? But I see that silly mandatory masks are available – in different styles and materials too. Golly, they’re are so fashionable.

And why are we shutting down, locking down, bankrupting small business – where families are losing their livelihoods, their homes, and yes, even their loved ones due to mental health issues and suicide; IF we have such effective drugs, cocktails and plans available? Why?

And why, pray tell, do they want us to get inoculated with a vaccine to stop C19, when C19 itself is supposedly from the family tree of coronavirus’s like the common cold and the flu, when it is obvious that the flu vaccine doesn’t work or cure anything. It doesn’t cure anything because, as you and I both know, it has to be given every year to stop the spread.

And why, do I pose a threat if I don’t wear a silly mask? If masks truly work, then I am the one at risk, not the mask wearer. It then follows that if the mask wearer is safe and can’t spread C19, then why do I have to wear one? Why? Oh my, the silliness of it all never ceases to amaze me. Its all “Hocus Pocus” nonsense.

Bombshell: The flu still spreads even when a person is vaccinated. But shhhh, don’t tell anybody that I said this, it may spread. Remember people, its not the disease (flu, pneumonia, or the so-called Big C19, etc) itself that hinders or kills its victims, its always their symptoms. Symptoms are the reasons that causes the body to often slow down, feel weak or lose its war against them. If they are untreated, they can cause the body to succumb to death.

But like I pointed out in the 1st paragraph, treatments are available. But why do we not have access to them? Why? I smell a rat and/or rats, and I smell a blown out of proportion of a hoax. 

Its a show. This reminds me of a few scenes  from the movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind – see further below.  The following video shows a government official caught not wearing a mask, but then putting one on before he walked up to the podium to give a press conference. But then as he got to the podium he took it off? – Well, like I said, it reminded of a few scenes from the Steven Spielberg film which is worth the 13min watch.

Its purpose is to groom you to accept a questionable vaccination in the name of Gates & company. It is also a story line based upon fake numbers, fear & hysteria. Its akin to what we use to do in grammar school; “Show and Tell.” Their version of “Do as we say, but not as we do” as the following video exposes.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind video scenes link below.

Its about control.

But wait, things are only getting worse. Notice how they manipulate the masses and influence you on how to think of others? Now they are calling people like me “Narcissists” and “Pychopaths.” C’mon now, really?