Covid 19 Religious Exemption: Sample Answers

Written By Thomas Perez. November 8, 2021 at 11:45PM. No Copyright Necessary.

The following, numbers one through seven, appeared on a questionnaire form shown to me from a friend. It is in reference to employment Covid 19 vaccination mandates. Many are in opposition to mandatory vaccinations. The opposition stems from various reasons like; personal politics, preferences, and/or opinions. The aforementioned reasons can not be used as an excuse to refuse vaccination. But there is another option that an individual can use for refusal of said  vaccination mandates; and that reason is based upon an individuals religious liberties, convictions, and faith.

It is a known fact that an individual can refuse Covid 19 vaccinations on the grounds of religious exemption in some states. The following are seven common core questions that must be answered in order to qualify for religious exemption. Here, in this brief, but informative article, I have provided some basic answers, or sample answers, if you will, that may be of some help to individuals looking for exemption based upon their religious convictions. Note: To the best of my knowledge, Covid 19 vaccinations contain no animal by products. Therefore, one can not use that particular religious objection as a means to refuse vaccination.

Note: Feel free to copy and paste the questions and answers. Also, feel free to edit the answers if you so choose to do so. Again, these are “sample” answers – a guide, so to speak. The following are two photos pertaining to the questionnaire…

Question 1

Please describe the nature of your objection to the Covid 19 vaccination requirement.

Answer: Aside from my rejecting Covid 19 vaccinations based upon my religious convictions, of which I will go into detail in question number two, I also find it unnecessary due to the fact that in 2020 of April 7th, the Federal Government were falsely classifying all coronavirus deaths due to Covid 19. Coronaviruses (plural – the common cold is a perfect example of a coronavirus) have been around for decades. Hence, Covid 19 is no exception. Moreover, according to an article written the 26th of March in the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ by Dr. Fauci himself, he said quote; “This is not a new non-resistant virus.” “Covid 19 is no more than a severe flu epidemic; no different than other variants in the past.” Unquote. Similarly, the CDC, has reported that this so-called fatal virus had only a 0.01% fatality rate. 99.96% of those unvaccinated during its peak level survived in the U.S. and so did 99.99% globally – January 2021. Deaths numbers have been overly exaggerated. For I.e., just type in any 3 digit number, or more, and then type “New Cases.” For I.e., type – “847 New Cases” and you will see bogus reports on 847 cases. Even the Washington Examiner and CNN has verified the use of bogus exaggerated death numbers. I can go on and on. Lying and/or falsifying information is a transgression against the God I worship.

Question 2

Would Complying With the Covid 19 Vaccination Requirement Substantially Burden Your Religious Exercise? If So, Please Explain How.

Answer: Google and correlate the information there with that of a Forbes article that was published in March of 2020 and a CBS 2009 article on a global currency implementing nanochips and smartdust technology through vaccinations as a possible agent – created by Hitachi, to be absorbed through the skin, is in direct opposition to my current religious views on Biblical eschatology (prophecy). The chip is 15x15mm and contain GPS capabilities. It can fit on the head of a needle. It is my religious conviction of conscience that this may be the implementation of foreboding things to come; and therefore as such, it may be a precursor to what is referred to as “The Mark of the Beast” (the Antichrist/or system of antichrist – 666) as referred to in the Bible – Revelation chapter thirteen. And as such, or even if perchance, I want no part of this forced agenda. An agenda that violates my religious convictions and conscience. Although many sources claim that such a belief in microchip vaccinations are based upon false conspiracy theories, one can verify global digital nanochips and smartdust technologies via RFID implementations through means of injection simply by typing in a search engine browser like DuckDuckGo, or Google, the words: “Can a Microchip Be Injected?”

Question 3

How Long Have You Held Your Religious Belief Underlying Your Objection?

Answer: Upon reading the Biblical book of Revelation chapter thirteen, and other Biblical passages of prophecy, I have held this general religious eschatological belief since I was fifteen years old. Hence, I have avoided all forms that may have contributed directly, or indirectly, to its fulfillment upon my well being spiritually and physically. I also found it quite amazing that a virus had the intelligence to spread in churches; even if the worshippers are/were SAFE in their cars during a drive through service. But it does/did not spread at a Walmart, Lowe’s or a Target. This is/was an unjust and flagrant violation of my religious liberties and freedom.

Question 4

Please describe whether, as an adult, you have received any vaccines against any other diseases (such as a flu vaccine or tetanus vaccine) and, if so, what vaccine you most recently received and when, to the best of your recollection.

Answer: I can not answer question number four. Only you know the answers to those questions. But if I were you, I would say “Yes.” However, you still have the right to refuse to take this particular vaccine due to the reasons stated in question two.

Question 5

If You Do Not Have a Religious Objection to the Use of All Vaccines, Please Explain Why Your Objection is Limited to Particular Vaccines

Answer: Again, as stated in question two, I object to this particular vaccine (Covid 19) due to my theological and religious eschatological beliefs. My “objection” is also due in part to the high sensationalism various other so-called life threatening diseases received in the past. Hence, providing a ground work for what I am against religiously in question two. Perfect examples of this can be seen in the following: In 2002, they said – West Nile Virus will kill us all, 2003 – SARS will kill us all, 2005 – the Bird Flu will kill us all, 2006 – Ecoli will kill us all, 2009 – Swine Flu will kill us all, 2014 – Ebola will kill us all, and now its 2020/21 – the Coronavirus, and its variants, will kill us all. Variants of which we have been dealing with, and have become immune to, for centuries and decades (like the common cold and flu). Moreover, If Covid 19 is so deadly, toxic and contagious, why is there no money being spent for biohazard bins for mask and glove disposals? But yet they can make sure that business owners spend tons of money for plexiglass, and other nonsense.

Question 6

If There Are Any Other Medicines or Products That You Do Not Use Because of the Religious Belief Underlying Your Objection, Please Identify Them.

Answer: None, at the moment. And I emphasize “At the Moment.”

Question 7

Please Provide Any Additional Information That You Think May Be Helpful In Reviewing Your Request.

Answer: Knowing that I was forcibly mandated to receive a vaccination of which I am religiously against due to my Christian views concerning Biblical eschatology/prophecy, my prayers, meditations, and overall worship, will be labored, shaken, and vain due to vaccine compromises and mandates. It will greatly affect my religious and spiritual walk with the Almighty Spirit. In a closing note, I would like to say this: To all mask wearers, especially those that drive with their masks on when there’s nobody around: why do I pose a threat to you if I don’t wear a mask? If masks truly work, then I am the one at risk, not the mask wearer. It then follows that if the mask wearer is safe and can not spread Covid 19, then why do I have to wear one? Why? In essence, are you telling me that a virus can escape from a level 4 bio-lab, but can’t get passed a mask with little duckies on it? All scientists agree when you censor the ones that do not!

Note: I do realize that these answers will not fit in the spaces they provided. Use an additional page, or pages, to write everything down. All you have to do is write, type, or paste.