The Covid 19 Pandemic? All Material Written By Thomas Perez, Unless Otherwise Indicated.

All Material Written By Thomas Perez, Unless Otherwise Indicated.

This category is dedicated to various findings and exposes.’ They are not articles per-Se in the sense of the word. But there are instances where whole paragraphs, and more, are written in some of the blogs to illustrate a point or the exposure of what I deem a most curious pandemic with reference to the coronavirus; namely the so-called new strain entitled “Covid 19.” Is it real? It is a serious flu epidemic? Is it being blown out of proportion? Or is it a hoax? To answer those questions, I have created this category. This category is simply a examination into the facts that we are being told. It is an examination into what they are telling us about the pandemic. There are many instances where I encourage safety and protocol. I do not deny the existence of the virus, but I do see the irregularities concerning documented claims, positives and the so-called increasing number of deaths caused by the virus. And again, I repeat, it is because of this, I have decided to devote a category to the topic. You be the judge. But in any case, true or false, be safe, be healthy and be careful.

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