Purpose of Site. Written By Thomas Perez

Written By Thomas Perez. January 1, 2009 at 9:02PM.

‘The Ultimate Reconciliationist’ is not affiliated with any religious organization or institution. The sites goal is to present teachings with an unbiased approach. Moreover, it is the purpose of this website to introduce Christ to everyone, regardless of their culture, faith, or non-faith for that matter. Its purpose is to stimulate and enhance growth, knowledge, love, peace, and virtue – upon such that even a non-believer can aspire to. And upon such reception, they are to take it and share it with other individuals.

It is not the purpose or intention of this website to consider any topic studied or interpreted as pure doctrinal truth or dogma. It is the purpose of this website/blog to inspire faith, hope and love. To inspire respect, motivation and a vision to dig into the bigger picture. The author and founder of ‘The Ultimate Reconciliationist’ aspires to the aforementioned which he has come to know as the true nature of Christ and the Word of the Spirit.

The websites owner will always share his own personal opinion on topics that will be studied. But will in so doing only claim that it is an opinion, theory, or belief; and not to be considered doctrine or dogma as pertaining to his belief system or its declaration of faith as written in the Statement of Faith. Let us also keep in mind that what I declare in a general Statement of Faith is, in reality, only given for simplistic terms. Its purpose is to help others understand where I stand concerning topics – more or less.

A Statement of Faith should always contain two basic general tenets; freedom of religion and to do that which is right. ‘The Ultimate Reconciliationist’ considers the two to be pure of heart, needing no doctrine. And although it is written that doctrine “is both able to save thyself and they that hear thee” (1 Tim 4:16), we must also understand that doctrines are based upon how we live out our particular doctrines. One must live them through faith, hope and love. Always bearing in mind “To contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3). That particular faith should always be contingent upon universal love.

5 thoughts on “Purpose of Site. Written By Thomas Perez

  1. Love the little guy with the magnifying glass getting a closer look at the ?.

  2. Hello Thomas,

    Do you remember your friends/coworkers at Christian Publication? Your manager was Gary Gin and assistant manager Jerry Ng.

  3. We worked together and were friends during your early years at Christian Publication. After a few years I left and moved out of state. From reading some of your articles, I am happy, inspired and proud of your transformation. You’re an example that young adult Christians need to follow in this present day. I just had to let you know after stumbling to your site.

    Nowadays I keep to a retired private life. We’re all in our later years. I don’t have any energy to socialize. Please excuse me on not revealing myself.

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