Tips and Suggestions. Written By Thomas Perez

Written By Thomas Perez. July 8, 2009 at 7:34PM. Copyright 2009.

How to Memorize.

A. Memorize by Theme – What the Book is about
B. Memorize by Chapter – Pick the main event in the chapter / keep it simple as possible
C. Sub – Divide the Chapter – Pick a 2nd 3rd or 4th event in the chapter if you want
D. Memorize Key Verses – When the time is right memorize important verses in a given chapter

The Following will help accomplish Bible growth and knowledge. In reference to this post I have given the New Testament as an example to follow. However, one should study other faiths and their particular writings just as well.

The New Testament: By Book Theme

Matthew: The King
Mark: The Servant
Luke: The Son of Man
John: The Son of God / Jesus is God
Acts: The Holy Spirit / Birth of the Church
Romans: Plan of Salvation / Justification
I Corinthians: NT Church Order
II Corinthians: Apostolic Qualifications
Galatians: Christian Liberty
Ephesians: The Church
Philippians: Joy and Rejoicing
Colossians: The Deity of Christ / The Head of the Body
I Thessalonians: The Second Coming of Christ
II Thessalonians: The Second Coming of Christ in Judgment
I Timothy: The Ministers – Qualifications
II Timothy: The Ministers – Doctrine
Titus: The Ministers – Godliness
Philemon: Reconciliation
Hebrews: The Priesthood of Christ
James: Faith and Works
I Peter: Suffering and Glory
II Peter: True Knowledge
I John: Love
II John: Truth – Doctrinal
III John: Truth – Practical
Jude: The Apostates
Revelation: Prophecy

The New Testament: By Chapter

Note: I took the liberty of sub-dividing some of the chapters. However, feel free to pick the one you think you would memorize easier and then work your way to the other sub-divisions. The Gospels and the Acts are a bit difficult, but the Epistles (letters) are much easier to memorize.


Ch 1 Genealogy of Christ
Ch 2 The Wise Men / Flight into Egypt / Massacre of the Innocents
Ch 3 John the Baptist
Ch 4 Temptation of Jesus / Jesus Begins His Ministry
Ch 5 The Beatitudes / Christ; The fulfillment of the Law
Ch 6 The Lord’s Prayer
Ch 7 The Narrow Gate / I Never Knew You. Depart From Me
Ch 8 Various Healings by Christ
Ch 9 Various Healings by Christ / The Calling of Matthew / Resurrection of a little girl
Ch 10 The Twelve Apostles Picked
Ch 11 John the Baptist sends a Message
Ch 12 Lord of the Sabbath / Scribes and Pharisees
Ch 13 Various Parables
Ch 14 John the Baptist Beheaded / Feeding of the Five Thousand / Walking on Water
Ch 15 Feeding of the Four Thousand / Healings of Many
Ch 16 Pharisees and Sadducees / Predicts His death / Take the Cross and Follow Him / Peter’s Confession
Ch 17 Jesus Transfigured / Predicts His death and Resurrection a 2nd Time
Ch 18 Various Parables
Ch 19 Marriage and Divorce / Teachings on Celibacy
Ch 20 Predicts His Death and Resurrection a 3rd Time
Ch 21 Triumphal Entry / Cleanses the Temple / More Parables
Ch 22 Questions on the Resurrection
Ch 23 Woe’s to Scribes and Pharisees
Ch 24 Destruction of the Temple Predicted / Signs of the times / Parable of the Fig Tree
Ch 25 More Parables / The Son to Judge the Nations
Ch 26 Passover – The Last Supper / Betrayal, Arrest, and an Illegal Trial / Denial of Peter
Ch 27 Jesus before Pilate / King on the Cross / His Death / Jesus’ Burial
Ch 28 The Risen King / The Great Commission


Ch 1 John Baptizes Jesus / Peter’s Mother In-Law Healed / Many Healed
Ch 2 Questions about Fasting / Lord of the Sabbath
Ch 3 Healing on the Sabbath / The Twelve Apostles
Ch 4 Various Parables
Ch 5 Various Healings / Casting Out Demons / Resurrection of a little girl
Ch 6 Jesus Rejected at Nazareth / The Baptist Beheaded / 5 Thousand Feed / Healings
Ch 7 Defilement Comes From Within
Ch 8 Feeding of the Four Thousand / Peter’s Confession / Jesus Predicts His Death & Resurrection
Ch 9 Jesus Predicts His Death and Resurrection a 2nd Time / Who is the Greatest / Jesus Forbids Sectarianism
Ch 10 Jesus Predicts His Death and Resurrection a 3rd Time / Greatness is Serving
Ch 11 Triumphal Entry / Cleansing of the Temple / Jesus’ Authority Questioned
Ch 12 Sadducees on the Resurrection / Beware the Scribes / Windows Two Penny’s
Ch 13 Jesus Predicts the Destruction of the Temple / Signs of the Times
Ch 14 Anointing at Bethany / The Passover – The Last Supper / Betrayal and Arrest / Jesus face the Sanhedrin / Denial of Peter
Ch 15 Jesus Faces Pilate / The Servant on the Cross / Death and Burial of Christ
Ch 16 The Risen Servant / The Great Commission


Ch 1 The Annunciation of Jesus / Zachariah’s Prophecy Concerning John the Baptist
Ch 2 Christ Born of Mary
Ch 3 Baptism of Jesus by John / Jesus’ Genealogy
Ch 4 Satan Tempts Jesus / Demons Reveal Who Jesus Is
Ch 5 Jesus Cleanses a Leaper / Pharisees Question Jesus on His Authority to Forgive Sins
Ch 6 Miracles and Woes / The Tree is Known By its Fruit
Ch 7 Healing of the Centurion’s Servant / Jesus raises the son of a widow
Ch 8 Parable of the Sower / The Purpose of Parables / The Winds and Waves Obey Him / Various Miracles
Ch 9 Sending Out the Twelve / Herod Seeks to See Jesus / Peter’s Confession / The Transfiguration / Take up the Cross and Follow Him
Ch 10 The Seventy Sent Out
Ch 11 The Lord’s Prayer / A House Divided / An Unclean spirit Returns / Woes
Ch 12 Beware of Hypocrisy
Ch 13 Repent or Perish / The Narrow Way / More Parables
Ch 14 Healing on the Sabbath / Parable of the Great Supper
Ch 15 Parable of the Lost Sheep / Of the Lost Son
Ch 16 Parable of the Unjust Steward / The Law, the Prophets, and the Kingdom / The Rich Man and Lazarus
Ch 17 Leapers Cleansed / The Coming Kingdom
Ch 18 The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector /
Ch 19 The Triumphal Entry / Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem / Jesus Cleanses the Temple
Ch 20 Jesus’ Authority Questioned / Pharisees and Sadducees / Beware the Scribes
Ch 21 Jesus Predicts the Destruction of the Temple / The Coming of the Son of Man / Parable of the Fig Tree
Ch 22 The Plot to kill Jesus / Jesus Institutes the Lord’s Supper / Jesus Faces the Sanhedrin / Prayer in the Garden
Ch 23 Jesus Stands Before Pilate / Jesus Stands before Herod / The Son of Mna on the Cross
Ch 24 The Resurrection / Road to Emmaus


Ch 1 The Eternal Word (The Logos in Greek) became Flesh
Ch 2 Water turned Into Wine
Ch 3 You must be Born Again
Ch 4 The Samaritan Woman at the Well / Healing of the Nobleman’s Son
Ch 5 The Blind Man at the Pool of Bethesda / Life and Judgment Are Through the Son
Ch 6 Feeding of the Five Thousand / Jesus Walks on Water / The Bread From Heaven
Ch 7 The Heavenly Scholar / The Promise of the Holy Spirit
Ch 8 The Adulteress Woman / Jesus is The Great I’AM
Ch 9 Healing of a Blind Man
Ch 10 Jesus The Good Shepherd
Ch 11 Death and Resurrection of Lazarus / The Plot to Kill Lazarus
Ch 12 Triumphal Entry / Jesus Predicts His Death and Resurrection
Ch 13 A New Commandment
Ch 14 Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life / The Father is Revealed / Another Helper Promised
Ch 15 The True Vine
Ch 16 The Work of The Holy Spirit
Ch 17 Jesus’ Prayer: For Himself, His Disciples, and For All Future Believers
Ch 18 Jesus before the High Priest / Peter’s Denial / Before Pilate
Ch 19 The Son on the Cross / It is Finished / Buried in Joseph’s Tomb
Ch 20 The Empty Tomb / Jesus’ Physical Resurrection of the Body! / Doubting Thomas declares that Jesus is Lord and God!
Ch 21 The Testimony of the Book


Ch 1 The Upper Room
Ch 2 Decent of the Holy Spirit / Peter’s Sermon
Ch 3 A Lame Man Healed
Ch 4 Peter and John Arrested
Ch 5 Ananias and Sapphira Lying to the Holy Spirit/ The Apostles Imprisoned and On Trial
Ch 6 Stephan Accused of Blasphemy
Ch 7 Stephen Addresses the Sanhedrin / Stephan: The 1st Martyr
Ch 8 Saul Persecutes the Church
Ch 9 The Conversion of Saul
Ch 10 Peter’s Vision / Peter and Cornelius / The Holy Spirit Falls Upon the Gentiles
Ch 11 Saul and Barnabas / Believers First Called Christian’s at Antioch
Ch 12 Herod’s Persecution of the Church / Peter Freed From Prison
Ch 13 Saul and Barnabas Appointed / Paul’s 1st Missionary Journey
Ch 14 A Community Divided
Ch 15 The Conflict Over Circumcision / The Jerusalem Counsel / Dispute of Paul and Barnabas / Paul chooses Silas & Barnabas chooses John Mark / Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey
Ch 16 Timothy Joins Paul and Silas / The Philippian Jailer Saved
Ch 17 The Unknown God
Ch 18 Ministry at Corinth / Paul’s 3rd Missionary Journey
Ch 19 Paul at Ephesus / Carious Miracles
Ch 20 Journey to Greece
Ch 21 Paul Arrested in the Temple
Ch 22 Paul’s Roman Citizenship
Ch 23 Plot Against Paul / Paul Stands before Felix
Ch 24 Paul’ Defense
Ch 25 Paul Appeals to Caesar / Paul Stands before King Agippa
Ch 26 Paul’s Testimony Declared
Ch 27 Journey to Rome
Ch 28 Paul Retires / Continues to Preach From his Rented House…(But a few years later he is rearrested, retried, condemned, and executed as a martyr sometime around A.D. 67).


Ch 1 Justification by Faith
Ch 2 Jew and Gentile Guilty As Charged
Ch 3 God’s Righteousness Through Faith
Ch 4 Abraham Justified by Faith
Ch 5 Death in Adam / Life in Christ
Ch 6 The Gift of God
Ch 7 Free From the Law
Ch 8 No Condemnation
Ch 9 Israel’s Rejection
Ch 10 Israel Needs the Gospel
Ch 11 Israel’s Rejection Not Final
Ch 12 Be Transformed in Body and Mind
Ch 13 Love Your Neighbor
Ch 14 The Law of Liberty / The Law of Love
Ch 15 Glorify God
Ch 16 Avoid Divisive Persons / Final Benedictions

I Corinthians

Ch 1 Sectarianism is Sin
Ch 2 The Message of Christ Crucified
Ch 3 Sectarianism is Carnal
Ch 4 Stewards and Fools for Christ
Ch 5 Immorality Defiles the Church
Ch 6 Glorify God in Body and Spirit
Ch 7 Principles of Marriage
Ch 8 Be Sensitive to Conscience
Ch 9 A Pattern of Self Denial
Ch 10 Old Testament Examples / Glorify God in All
Ch 11 Institution of the Lord’s Supper
Ch 12 Spiritual Gifts
Ch 13 The Love Chapter
Ch 14 Proper Teachings on Tongues
Ch 15 The Risen Christ / Teachings on the Resurrection / Faith’s Reality
Ch 16 Final Exhortations

II Corinthians

Ch 1 Christian Sufferings
Ch 2 Forgiving the Offender
Ch 3 Glory of the New Covenant
Ch 4 The Light of Christ Gospel / Cast Down but Unconquered
Ch 5 The Judgment Seat of Christ / Be Reconciled to God
Ch 6 Be Holy
Ch 7 The Corinthians’ Repentance
Ch 8 Excel in Giving
Ch 9 The Cheerful Giver
Ch 10 The Spiritual War
Ch 11 False Apostles and False Ministers of Light
Ch 12 The Vision of Paradise / Signs of an Apostle
Ch 13 Final Benedictions


Ch 1 Only One Gospel
Ch 2 Defending the Gospel / No return to the Law
Ch 3 Justification by Faith
Ch 4 Two Covenants
Ch 5 Christian Liberty / Walking in the Spirit
Ch 6 Glory Only Through the Cross


Ch 1 Redemption and Election in Christ
Ch 2 By Faith Not Works
Ch 3 The Mystery Revealed / Purpose of the Mystery
Ch 4 Spiritual Gifts / Do Not Grieve the Spirit
Ch 5 Walk in Love, Light, and Wisdom / Marriage , Christ, & the Church
Ch 6 The Armor of God


Ch 1 To live is Christ
Ch 2 Light Bearers
Ch 3 Citizenship in Heaven
Ch 4 Be Joyful, Prayerful, and Meditate


Ch 1 The Preeminence of Christ
Ch 2 Not Philosophy or Legalism, But Christ / The Deity of Christ
Ch 3 The Christian Home
Ch 4 Christian Grace

I Thessalonians

Ch 1 Thanking God for the Thessalonians
Ch 2 Paul’s Conduct
Ch 3 Paul’s Concern
Ch 4 The Comfort of Christ’s Coming
Ch 5 The Day of the Lord

II Thessalonians

Ch 1 God’s Final judgment and Glory
Ch 2 The Great Apostasy
Ch 3 Warnings against Idleness

I Timothy

Ch 1 No Other Doctrine
Ch 2 Christ, the Only Mediator
Ch 3 Qualifications of Overseers and Deacons / The Mystery; God became Man
Ch 4 The Great Apostasy / Salvation for All
Ch 5 Honor Widows and Elders
Ch 6 Honor Masters / Guard the Faith

II Timothy

Ch 1 Be Not Ashamed of the Gospel
Ch 2 Be Strong in Grace
Ch 3 Perilous Times and Unbelievers / The Scriptures Are Inspired
Ch 4 Preach the Scriptures


Ch 1 Qualified Elders
Ch 2 Qualities of a Sound Church
Ch 3 Not by Works of Righteousness But By Mercy, Regeneration, and Renewing


Philemon’s Love, Faith, and Obedience


Ch 1 The Exaltation of the Son Above the Angels and Man
Ch 2 The Son Made Lower than the Angels / Bringing Many son’s to Glory
Ch 3 The Faithfulness of the Son
Ch 4 The word of God discovers Our Condition
Ch 5 A priest Forever
Ch 6 God’s Purpose In Christ
Ch 7 Need for a New Priesthood / Melchizedek
Ch 8 A New Covenant
Ch 9 The Mediators Death Necessary / Greatness of Christ’s Sacrifice
Ch 10 Christ’s Death fulfills God’s Desire in Christ / The Just Shall live by Faith
Ch 11 The Faith Hall Of Fame
Ch 12 The Race of Faith / Renew Your Spiritual Vitality
Ch 13 Concluding Thoughts on Moral Directions


Ch 1 Trials & Tribulations / Be Doers and Not Hearers
Ch 2 Faith and Works
Ch 3 The Untamable Tongue
Ch 4 Do Not Judge
Ch 5 Patience and Preserving

I Peter

Ch 1 A Heavenly Inheritance
Ch 2 A Chosen People
Ch 3 A Word to Husbands and Wives / Suffering For Wrong and Right
Ch 4 Suffering For God’s Glory
Ch 5 Submit to God, Resist the Devil

II Peter

Ch 1 The Inspired Scriptures
Ch 2 Doom and Depravity of False Teachers
Ch 3 God’s Promise is Not Slack / The Day of the Lord

I John

Ch 1 We have Seen, Heard, and Touched the Eternal Word (The Logos, Jesus Christ)
Ch 2 Do Not Love the World
Ch 3 The Imperative of Love
Ch 4 Test the Spirits / Obedience by Faith
Ch 5 We Have the Knowledge of Eternal Life

II John

Walk in Christ Commandments / Beware of Antichrist Deceivers

III John

One Man’s Testimony


Contend For the Faith / Old & New Apostates / Apostates Depraved and Doomed


Ch 1 The Things Which Are Seen / The Risen and Glorified God Almighty Christ
Ch 2 The Things Which Are / Messages to the first Four Churches
Ch 3 The Things Which Are / Messages to the last three Churches
Ch 4 After These Things / The Throne Room of Heaven
Ch 5 Worthy is the Lamb / The Lamb takes the Scroll
Ch 6 The Seven Seals. The 1st Six Seals are Opened Seals
Ch 7 The 144,000 and the Great Multitude
Ch 8 The Seventh Seal Opened / The Seven Trumpets, The 1st Four Are Sounded
Ch 9 The 5th and 6th Trumpet are Sounded
Ch 10 The Mighty Angel and The Little Book
Ch 11 The Two Witnesses
Ch 12 The Woman, The Child, and The Dragon
Ch 13 The Beast From the Sea and The Beast From the Earth
Ch 14 The Proclamation of Four Angels
Ch 15 Prelude to the Seven Vial Judgments
Ch 16 The Seven Vials Poured Out
Ch 17 Mystery Babylon
Ch 18 The Fall of Babylon
Ch 19 The Second Coming of Christ
Ch 20 The Reign of Christ / The Great White Throne Judgment / The Book of life
Ch 21 The New Jerusalem
Ch 22 A River of Life / The Time is Near / Coming Quickly.

What Every Believer Should Have In Their House

This list, numbered 1 – 4 are most important

1. The Scriptures (of course) and any other works of Holy Writ.

2. A Concordance (I recommend The ‘Young’s Analytical Concordance’ or ‘Strong’s Concordance‘) However, it is my personal opinion that the ‘Young’s Analytical Concordance’ is the far better choice.

A concordance is usually a huge one volume book that contains every word of the Bible. These large concordances contain the original Greek and Hebrew meanings to the words written in Scripture.

3. A Bible Handbook (I recommend ‘Halley’s Bible Handbook’ or ‘Unger’s Bible Handbook’)

A handbook is like a companion to the Bible. It breaks down the books of the Bible for better understanding. They provide dates, outlines, background intakes on the different books of the Bible, and various other source material and knowledge. (I favor the ‘Halley’s Bible Handbook.’ A very good source material. Almost everything is included: Past Secular History, Archeology, Church History, etc).

4. A Bible dictionary or religious dictionary serving the same purpose (I.e., ‘Anchor Bible Dictionary’, ‘Holman’s Bible Dictionary,’ or ‘Unger’s Bible Dictionary’).

A Bible dictionary contains a more deeper rooted explanation pertaining to words, players recorded therein, and themes found in the Bible. They also contain illustrations and maps.

As your Library grows, you can obtain additional material. Such as:

1. Commentaries (A commentary is a book that makes a comment on each verse of the Bible, chapter by chapter). I recommend ‘Eerdman’s Commentary on the Bible’ or Harper’s Commentary of the Bible’

2. Bible Encyclopedias (The name is self explanatory). I recommend ‘Baker’s Encyclopedia of the Bible’ or ‘Zondervan’s Pictoral Encyclopedia of the Bible’ and for your Hebrew & cultural studies…I recommend the ‘Encyclopedia Judaica’

3. Expositional Word Study Books (An expositional book expounds or elaborates on each word found within a particular verse in the Bible. Usually going to the Greek and Hebrew to do so). I recommend The ‘Expositor’s Bible Commentary’ or the’ Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Word’s.’ However, bear in mind that this exposition on words corresponds to the ‘Strong’s Concordance’ mentioned above when comparing its Greek & Hebrew words.

4. Theological Books (Theological books concentrate on the great doctrines of the Bible. Such doctrines include: The study of God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, The Bible, Man, Sin, Salvation, The Church, Sanctification, Angels, Satan, Demons, and Prophecy. It is a collection of various interpretations pertaining to such doctrines as cited and as seen from notable believer’s throughout Church history. They will also reveal the error‘s pertaining to the doctrinal position when misinterpreted).

5. Books on Church History (These books contain the history of the Church, from the birth of the Church found in Acts Chapter 2 to the present day)

6. Books on Apologetics & Comparative Religions (Such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, etc).

What is an apologetic?

A. In our modern English language, the biblical concept of “apologetics” can easily be misunderstood. It may bring to mind the concept of being sorry for something. We “apologize” when we admit that we have done something wrong. This, however, is not how we will use the term. We will use it in a more technical and restricted sense.

B. The word “apologetics” is derived from the Greek term apologia which means “defense.”

General definition: “Apologetics is the art of defending a claim against objections” (Kelly James Clark, 101 Key Terms in Philosophy and Their Importance for Theology, 5).

C. “Apologetics is the discipline that deals with a rational defense of Christian faith” (Norman Geisler, Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, “Apologetics, Need for,” 37). However, it should be noted that an apology can be performed by other religious sects as well.

D. “Apologetics is concerned with the defense of the Christian faith against charges of falsehood, inconsistency, or credulity” (Steven, B. Cowan, Five Views on Apologetics, 7). Again: It should be noted that an apology can be performed by other religious sects as well.

E. “As it concerns the Christian faith, then, apologetics has to do with defending, or making a case for, the truth of the Christian faith.” (Cowan, 8). Repeating: It should be noted that an apology can be performed by other religious sects as well.

These apologies or debates, if you will, can consist of anything, from the existence of God to the resurrection of Jesus & defense against comparative religions.

7. Books on various religions and their beliefs.

8. Books on Eschatology (When selecting this type of resource material, it is often safe to check the publishing house). I say this because different Christian sects, as well as other religions, have different views pertaining to the study of Eschatology – aka – Prophecy).

9. Topical Books (Such as Naves Topical Bible). A topical book is a book that contains various themes of the Bible, such as: Atonement, Redemption, the Ark, etc. Along with the theme found in this type of book, you will find wordings next to the actual theme. (e.g. Atonement – Found in the blood of…Seen in…Achieved by, etc…these will be found with the verses pertaining to the theme). Or they can be books pertaining only to one Biblical topic.

10. And various other books (Such as: Prayer books, devotional books, books on charts, maps, and time lines.

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