Various Prophetic Charts. Commentaries By Thomas Perez

Note: To view what I favor see ‘My Statement of Beliefs’ under Article 11 – Eschatology – Prophecy.

Below are different prophetic charts and the viewpoints according to those that believe them.

A Comparison of Millennial Teachings.

Millennial means 1000 years. It is taken from Revelation Ch 20 in reference to the reign of Jesus Christ on earth. Some view this as a literal 1000 years, others view it as symbolic. Yet there are some that view it as a kingdom that has already been established as understood by Full Preterists – a spiritual Kingdom, not to be observed with human reasoning or the seeing eye. 

However, this chart views the different futuristic approaches concerning the Millennial reign of Christ. 

Futurists are those that teach that parts of Daniel chapters 2, 7 and 9 are fulfilled. While the Book of Revelation from Chapters 4-21 deals with prophecies that will be fulfilled in the near future. Moreover, some Futurists see Revelation Chapters 2 and 3 as the Church Age (from Pentecost to the present).

6578781453118013Typical Rapture/Tribulation Map As Believed By Most Dispensational Futurists.

Here they (The Pre-Tribulation – Dispensational – Pre-Millennialists) place the rapture theory at the beginning. However, there are some, contrary to the view above under “Pre-Tribulation, Dispensational Pre-Millennialism, would place the rapture at mid-point of the tribulation. 

The term “rapture” is not found in the Scriptures. The term was coined by futurists in the 1800′s. The rapture is a theological theory and nothing more.

pre-tribulation-chartFuturists Dispensational Pre-Millennial Theory. Note: rapture before the tribulation.

pre-prophecy-graph-gotAnother Look at Amillennialism.

No rapture. No Tribulation.

imagesCANSGPA2Pre – Jack Van Impie Invasion Map (Futurist). 

pre-jack-van-impe-invasion-mapGod’s Prophecy By Elder Perkins (Futurist).

pre-prophecy-chart-perkinsChristadelphians (Futurist).

This belief system is similar to that of Mr. Harold Camping, former President of Family Radio, now deceased – Dec 15, 2013. Camping believed in a 7000 year reign consummation theory.

pre-prophecy-christadelphiansProphecy Chart-Christian Dispensationalism.

pre-prophecy-map-sdaEarly Seventh Day Adventist Prophecy Chart.

Note: Most Adventists today do not believe in the rapture theory. They are Historicists. An Historicist views prophecy as unfolding – it is unfolding in reference to the time and age that we live in. 

Here is William Miller’s original “1843 is the end” chart. Ellen White claimed God confirmed to her that Miller’s chart was accurate.

pre-miller-1843-ellen-white1850 Chart-2flatJehovah’s Witnesses.

Russel founded the Jehovah’s Witnesses who still use Russell’s 1914 as the “invisible second coming” date. The chart was based upon “pyramidology.” Most JW’s don’t know the “pyramid connection.” The “Governing Body” currently rejects pyramidology but accepts the conclusions of such biblical speculation. Only a blind JW would even consider 1914 to be the invisible second coming. (It was originally supposed to be the end of the world and the visible second coming, but when that failed, they dreamed up the invisible second coming apostate doctrine.

pre-russell-1915-pyramids-jwsOld Testament End Times Prophecies As Fulfilled According to Scripture.

Major focal point of debate is the identity of the feet at the bottom of the image.

pre-daniel-2New Testament Kingdom Prophecies As Viewed By Full and Partial Preterists

pre-kingdom-pentecost-time-chartPopularity Rating.

chart_4-interpretationsPreterism, Historicism, and Futurism Compared.

Original Protestantism saw prophecy through out all history. From the time of the prophets up to the cross of Christ and the Church age. It is not too difficult to find Partial Preterists in this camp. Historicists are individuals that believe prophecy is unfolding as history is revealed.

A Partial Preterist is one that believes all of the prophecies concerning the tribulation, the destruction of the temple/Jerusalem, the Abominations of Desolation – the Antichrist, etc; all occurred before and during 70CE. Partial Preterists view the literal 2nd coming of Christ, the resurrection of all and the final judgment as future events. Such events will transpire at the 2nd coming of Christ and the consummation of this age.

The definition of a Full Preterist can be found at the bottom chart (beginning with the blue chart) and all corresponding charts thereafter. 

Futurism-Preterismpreterism_1260yrsFull Preterism.

Preterism is the belief that all major prophecies have been fulfilled and the that the 2nd coming of Christ has already transpired in what is called “The Parousia” – the coming. They reject all forms of Historicism and Futurism. 



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